AquaSparkle Spa FoamAway (1 litre)

  • AquaSparkle Spa FoamAway (1 litre).
  • Fast acting liquid used to prevent and destroy foam on hot tub water surface.
  • Rapidly breaks down foam.
AquaSparkle Spa FoamAway is a product specially formulated for removing excessive foaming in hot bubbly spas. Simply add a drop and watch the foam melt away.
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AquaSPArkle FoamAway is a fast acting liquid, formulated for use in hot tubs to prevent and destroy foaming.
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Barcode Number (GTIN)None
Used InHot Tubs (Hard Shell), Hot Tubs (Vinyl)
Used ForRemoving Foam
Instructions for use1. Apply directly to your spa water whilst the spa pump is turned on to aid distribution. Dose rate: Initial dose: 100 ml / 1,000 litres (220 gallons) of water. Weekly top up: 50 ml / 1,000 litres (220 gallons) of water. ALWAYS ADD CHEMICALS TO WATER & NOT WATER TO CHEMICALS. NEVER MIX CHEMICALS.
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