Basic Pool Recovery Chemical Kit (for Cartridge Filters)

  • Pool and Hot Tub Chlorine Shock Granules (1 kg)
  • Pool and Hot Tub Sparkle Water Clarifier (1 litre)
  • Pool Long-Life Algicide - Copper Free (5 litres)
  • Kills, prevents and removes Algae for use before, during and after algae outbreaks.
  • More economical than buying separately.
This chemical kit bundle is extremely handy to have on the shelf for pool owners utilizing a cartridge filter. Ideal for both before or after an algae outbreak, for cloudy water and pool winterising at the end of season, and spring opening. Easy to use, high quality and excellent value.
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So you come home, and realize the pool is green. First you would use the shock. This will kill all the algae that is present. Next, you will notice the pool water turns cloudy. This is because dead algae consists of very fine particles which will be held in solution when stirred, and settle on the bottom when undisturbed or very low water movement. The problem with dead algae is that it is so fine, that it will be impossible to net out, and often pass directly through your average cartridge filter. This is where your liquid clarifier comes in handy. Add the required dose (refer to packaging) to the water and keep the pump running. Stir up the algae so it's not sat on the bottom. Eventually the cloudiness should disappear. If not, repeat the process until it does. Needless to say, if you let your chlorine levels drop and suffer from an algae outbreak, you will know what a pain it is to recover. And this is why we use algaecide in addition to the chlorine. So now would be a good time to give the pool a 6 month dose to stop it happening again. Back-washing your sand filter frequently might also help during this time. Whenever dealing with algae, always remember also to brush the walls and surfaces thoroughly, and be generous with the shock. Shock dosing the pool on a weekly basis is also a good idea, if you know there will be a day where you do not plan to use the pool. Pool Chemical Kit includes: 1 x Pool and Hot Tub Chlorine Shock Granules (1 kg), 1 x Pool and Hot Tub Sparkle Water Clarifier (1 litre), 1 x Pool Long-Life Algicide - Copper Free (5 litres).

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Used InSmall Pools, Large Pools
Used ForCloudy Water, Green Water (Preventing), Green Water (Removing), Problem Solving
Instructions for usePlease refer to the label on all packaging for safe use.
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