AquaSparkle Spa ScaleAway (1 litre)

  • AquaSparkle Spa ScaleAway (1 litre).
  • Liquid scale inhibitor.
  • Help prevent scale deposits forming in your hot tub.
  • Initial and weekly dose.
AquaSparkle Spa ScaleAway weekly treatment will protect your spa against the ongoing build up of calcium formation in the plumbing.
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ScaleAway will prevent scale deposits caused by mineral precipitation which can build up rapidly on spa surfaces due to high water temperatures and high calcium levels (hard water).
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Barcode Number (GTIN)None
Used InHot Tubs (Hard Shell)
Used ForScale Preventing
Instructions for use1. Shake bottle before use. 2. Apply product directly to the spa water whilst the pump is turned on to aid distribution. 3. Spas treated for heavy scale build-up may require cartridges to be cleaned after treatment. Note: When spas become saturated with dissolved solids (TDS) then AquaSPArkle Spa ScaleAway becomes less effective. At this stage the spa water should be changed. Dose rate: Initial dose: 25 ml / 1,000 litres (220 gallons) of water. Weekly top up: 15 ml / 1,000 litres (220 gallons) of water. ALWAYS ADD CHEMICALS TO WATER & NOT WATER TO CHEMICALS. NEVER MIX CHEMICALS.
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