Hydro-Pro Pool Heat Pump Type P12/32 11.5kW  | COLLECTION ONLY 

  • High efficiency performance, up to 5.9 kW of heat output for each 1 kW of energy used.
  • For heating and cooling, with automatic defrost, works down to -5 °C.
  • Titanium condenser resistant to salt and chlorine.
  • Quiet operation, ABS cabinet, Flow switch.
  • Electronic controller with LCD display.
Pool Heat Pump Hydro-Pro Type P12/32 On/Off, horizontal, heating capacity 11.5kW, flow rate per hour 4,500 L / 990 gal,  suitable for pools up to 55 m³ volume (55,000 L / 12,098 gal). Durable, easy to install and operate, with quiet running. The most cost effective and efficient method of heating, will help you enjoy a longer swimming season.  Dimensions: 37" L x 14" W x 23" H (95cm x 36cm x 60cm). Collection at our store only, please contact us.
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Swimming Pool Heat Pump Hydro Pro type P 8/32, horizontal.  "All seasons" model,  will heat or cool the pool water maintaining a constant temperature when the air ambient temperature is -5 to 43  °C.  With automatic defrost function, drain and flow switch. Durable, PVC & Titanium tube which can withstand prolonged exposure to swimming pool water and cabinet made from corrosion resistant ABS.  Quiet running with low sound rotary compressor and low noise fan.  Easy to operate digital temperature control with LCD display and micro-computer controlling, allowing all operation parameters to be set.  Essentially working like an air conditioning unit but in reverse, the heat pump uses the ambient air temperature to excite a refrigerant enclosed within the unit.  The temperature of the refrigerant is raised thus generating heat in the process.  By diverting the flow from your pool recirculation pump and sand filter system, the circulating water collects the heat generated by the 'excited' refrigerant.  As long as the unit is switched on heat will be provided all year round to the temperature you set.  Desired water temperature is 27 - 28 °C (a larger heat pump is recommended to reach a higher water temperature).  The heating capacity of the heat pump depends on the environmental - outside air - temperature, water quantity, but also position of the pool and heat pump and the degree of isolation for each.  For best results a pool cover should be used, as ~80% of heat is lost over night through the evaporation process.  Also, a bypass kit should be used with every heat pump (not included).  The Bypass kit disengages the water flow to the pump so the swimming pool water is still flowing but does not flow through the heat pump.  This is necessary when cleaning the swimming pool using chemical products.  Will allow winterising the heat pump without affecting the water flow to the swimming pool.  This unit is designed be installed outdoors or indoors.   Please consult a qualified electrician for installation.  It is recommended to connect the heat pump to a dedicated AC power supply branch circuit equipped with the proper circuit breaker, disconnect or time delay fuse protection.  Maximum pool volume depending on environmental conditions.   Winter cover included.  Dimensions: 37" L x 14" W x 23" H (95cm x 36cm x 60cm).   Please see "More Information" section for technical specifications.  Collection at our store only, please contact us.

More Information
Barcode Number (GTIN)None
DeliveryCollection from store or pallet delivery (extra fees apply), please contact us.
Heating Capacity A15/W257.8 kW
Heating capacity  A27/W2711.5 kW
Power Input1.70 kW
Maximum Pool Volume55,000 L / 12,098 gal
Slow fuse current 15 A
Power supply (Voltage)230 V
COP at A15/W254.59
COP at A27/W275.90
Heat exchangerTitanium
Compressor typeRotary
Refrigerant R32
Fan directionHorizontal
Noise level (1m) 54 dB(A)
Water connection50 mm / 1½ inch
Nominal water flow / h4,500 L / 990 gal
Controller typeElectronic
WarrantyTwo years for heat pump, seven years for compressor and heat exchanger
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