What are the best test strips for hot tubs? One clear winner in our opinion

In this guide we will be discussing what are the best test strips for hot tubs. When selecting a test strip for your spa, it is best not to experiment with untried, untested brands. Over the years we have stocked a large number of brands. We originally tried our to launch our brand but we struggled to find a quality option.

It is very important to use a hot tub test strip that gives clear and reliable readings every time, that is well within it’s sell-by date, and has been stored correctly. There are various problems you can encounter with bad spa test strips, ranging from minor to the very severe.

Test Strips for Hot Tub - What should I buy?

The best test strips for your hot tub depend on a couple of factors, but in our opinion there is only one that provides a consistently high quality range of hot tub test strips for all common sanitisers.

This is the only brand that we will stock any more. After many years of trying different brands, AquaChek (by far) are the best test strips for hot tubs. But you need to buy spa test strips that work with your type of sanitiser. Chlorine test strips and Bromine test strips are available from AquaChek via our hot tub chemicals UK store.

Some hot tub owners don’t use chlorine or bromine as a sanitiser and opt for active oxygen or some other method. There are also additional hot tub strips for active oxygen in our store.

If you use a salt system hot tub, you can use a chlorine test strip for your hot tub. Salt systems work by naturally creating chlorine.

Hot tub test strips work equally well as pool test strips just as long as your pool is using the same sanitiser type as your hot tub. AquaChek are also ideal for Lay z spa test strips.

Visit the AquaChek website for more information on our favourite test strips.

Hot Tub Test Strips - What are they for?

Hot tub test strips allow you to test for important levels in your water chemistry. You will only need one pack of hot tub test strips that has all the tests on one strip.

Hot Tub Chlorine Test Strips and Hot Tub Test Strips for Bromine

Most importantly they let you check the amount of sanitiser and ensure you keep it within a safe zone. The most serious problems associated with hot tubs are both a result of sanitiser levels being too low or too high. Too low and you risk harmful bacteria growing in the water. Too high and you can face eye and skin irritation or worse.

Hot Tub pH Test Strips

Additionally they allow you to test for your pH level. By keeping the pH level neutral, you are avoiding further risk to either skin irritation or damage to plumbing and internal equipment. A well balanced pH will also ensure your sanitisers work as effectively as possible.

Hot Tub Test Strips - How To Read

Hot tub dip test strips are easy to use and read.

  1. Simply dip your hot tub water test strip just beneath the surface, and immediately take it out. Hold it horizontally so run-off doesn’t affect the individual test tabs.
  2. Compare it to the chart on the back of the strip. The tabs on the strip are in the same order as the rows on the chart. Line them up and move each one side to side until u get a reading for where you are on the scale.
  3. Take note of the OK zones and where you are in relation to it.
  4. Dose your spa if necessary.

Hot Tub Test Strips UK - Where can I buy?

Please visit our online store hot tub test strips page. We always carry a high stock of AquaChek pool and spa test strips for hot tubs, and provide fast next working day shipping across mainland UK. Alternatively, if are local to us you can visit our hot tub and pool warehouse uk store in Hampshire. Please see our contact page for the location.

Best Test Strips for Hot Tubs: AquaChekBest Test Strips for Hot Tubs: AquaChek
Best Test Strips for Hot Tubs: AquaChek