Heated Above Ground Pools - Heating an above ground pool in the UK

There are various ways to maintain a heated above ground pool in a typical UK garden. But there are a number of things most would benefit from knowing before attempting to have any kind of above ground pools with heating that you have to pay for or that is unsustainably sourced.

Minimise the costs of heating an above ground pool

Heating an above ground pool can be costly. With rising energy prices, inconsistent sunny days and frequent cold nights, heating above ground pools in the UK climate can be tricky. But there are things you can do to minimise costs. Here is our guide.

Above ground pools heating - Get equipped

When getting equipped for above ground pool heating, a simple yet affordable and often overlooked item is your swimming pool thermometer. Knowing the temperature and being able to monitor changes is useful when heating your pool, especially as you add or upgrade your above ground pool heating equipment.

Above ground pool solar cover heating

Before you buy an electric heater for an above ground pool please first invest in a solar cover that meets your pool’s dimensions of the best quality within your budget. The better the heat retention, the lower the demand on an electric heater. Any heat generated by the sun or the heater during the day is then trapped in overnight, and then does not need to be reheated and can continue to be heated to higher temperatures.

Above ground pool solar cover heating is your first goal. You will notice that when you remove your solar cover, the top few inches of water are very warm indeed.

Additional above ground pool solar heating products - Pool solar mats and panels.

Above ground pool solar heating is becoming increasingly popular as an option to contribute to the temperature. They just make so much sense, given that most people will use their pools on sunny days and weeks. So why not harness some of that solar power for heating your above ground pool. It’s like leaving the solar cover on all the time, but you can still use the pool!

An above ground pool solar mat or two can really help to increase the pool water temperature in good weather. And again, will both compliment and significantly reduce the demand on your electric above ground pool heater. They can often be “daisy-chained” if you have space for multiple units, further increasing your sustainable pool solar power!

Above ground pools with heaters

Above ground pools with heaters need not be as costly as you might think, despite rising energy prices. It is important to be practical about what you are trying to achieve, in terms of the general weather, the ambient water temperature prior to heating, and you dedication to maximising efficiency with above ground pool solar covers and mats heating. It is also important to ensure you are using a heater that is sufficient for the volume. Putting too much demand on your heater can cause it to “click out” and stop functioning both temporarily or permanently. Again, they can usually be daisy-chained but in this case at an additional running cost. For large pools it is best to consider a more serious pool heat pump. And before doubling-up, first consider better quality solar covers and/or additional solar heating units.

Above ground pool heaters UK

We stock a wide range of pool heating for all sizes of pool, but for above ground pool heaters in the UK we recommend one product specifically. The Intex Pool Electric Heater is suitable for above ground pools up to 12ft (please read details) . All our electrical products are shipped from the UK and sold with UK 3-Pin plugs as standard. Fast deliveries with easy returns, if required.

Keep your British pool warm this Summer. We also stock the Intex above ground pool solar mats and a wide range of above ground pool solar heating covers in varying sizes and thicknesses. So be sure to minimise those heated above ground pool running costs and upgrade your pool.

Above Ground Pools with Heaters in the UKAbove Ground Pools with Heaters in the UK
Above Ground Pools with Heaters in the UK