How to Clean Hot Tub Filters to Save on Maintenance Costs

Here is our simple guide for hot tub filters cleaning and using hot tub filter cleaner chemicals. Whether you have a luxury model, or an inflatable lay z spa, cleaning filters in hot tubs is essential for providing a safe, healthy bathing water in your spa.

Hot tub filter cleaner and hot tub filter cleaning tools

There are a couple of items that you will need to making cleaning a hot tub filter easier. These extra tools increase the life of expensive filter cartridges, so you change them less often and save money.

  • The first essential item is a bucket, that is large enough to completely submerge your filters.
  • You should also invest in some Hot Tub Filter Cleaner
  • Invest in a Hot Tub Filter Cleaner Brush.
  • Hot tub cartridge cleaning spray can be useful to target specific stubborn areas.

Hot tub filter cleaner - Chemicals for cleaning hot tub filters

Hot tub filter cleaning liquid, or hot tub filter cleaner chemicals are a degreasing agent that soaks deep in to the folded pleat fabric. You leave it in soak with some water in your filter cleaning bucket. Soaking your filter in an approved filter cartridge cleaner every 2-3 months is strongly advised.

Hot tub filter cleaning brushes for enhanced cleaning.

A hot tub filter cleaning brush is much better than just spraying with a hose. They generally attach to your hose enabling you to comb the folded pleats of the cartridge fabric, getting much deeper than water spray alone. With specially designed teeth for the task, cleaning your hot tub filter is easy.

Buy hot tub filter cleaning supplies

We have a growing range of products for hot tub filter cleaning. Everything for degreasing, and brushing filters to make them last as long as possible. 

Hot Tub Filters - How To Clean

So here is how to clean filters for hot tubs. For perfectly crystal clear spa water, it is imperative that you clean and replace your spa filter cartridge. This should be taken out of the hot tub every 2-3 weeks and hosed down. It is a great idea to have at least two so that you can soak one in a bucket for long periods, whilst still being able to use your spa.

  1. Shut down any pumps that may be running in the hot tub. It’s not a bad idea to power off the tub during any time that the filters are not present. This avoids getting any unwanted object stuck in your pump. (We’ve found all sorts down there!)
  2. Remove your hot tub filter cartridges. (If you have a spare set, replace them and power-on the spa).
    Spray clean with a hose. If you have a hot tub filter cleaning wand you can use this to get the worst or most obvious dirt and debris off immediately.
  3. Place the filters in to the bucket. Add water until completely submerged.
  4. Apply hot tub filter cleaning liquid to the water being careful not to get any splash back.
  5. Allow filters to soak for 12-24 hours.
  6. Rinse carefully with a hose.
  7. Use your hot tub filter cleaning brush a second time to give it a really good deep clean.
  8. Allow your hot tub filters to dry out completely before replacement in the hot tub.

Hot tub filter hacks - how long do hot tub filters last?

From our experience, completely drying out your hot tub filters after cleaning will make them last longer. Especially in the lower quality filters, the filtration media fabric seems to degrade much faster.

Our hot tub filters last a very long time. They are guaranteed not to degrade for 1 year. However, with regular cleaning, you can make hot tub filters last 2 years. We would advise changing them after this period regardless, as chemicals can eventually degrade plastics and fabrics which can break off in your spa and clog pumps and plumbing.

How long your filters last will also depend on the quality, size, demand and usage. Low spec filters, such as those provided for some brands of inflatable spa, often need changing far more frequently. But these filters are usually much cheaper.

A blocked spa filter cartridge can put pressure on your pump and motor and decrease the life of these essential hot tub parts. Correct attention to filter maintenance will save time, aggravation and repair costs.

Cleaning a hot tub filter dos and don’ts

  • When cleaning hot tub filters, do not use a high pressure hose or scrub with a brush. Use a specially adapted filter brush hose attachment.
  • Do not use regular cleaning products such as liquid soap from your kitchen, as these can sometimes corrode and damage the filter material. Use a special filter cleaning liquid. (Got hot tub foam after cleaning filter? Then this is probably why.)
  • Do not try to do your hot tub filter cleaning in a dishwasher. Temperatures can exceed the limitations the most filters are intended to be used for and cause total degradation resulting in cartridge fabric pieces clogging up the dishwasher.

Hot Tub Filters Helpline - Call to see if we stock yours!

We stock one of the UK’s most impressive ranges of hot tub filters which are displayed in detail on our hot tub filters online store. If your filter is not listed, please contact us with your hot tub manufacturer, and dimensions of your old filters. We will do our best to identify the correct product and get it to you as cheaply and efficiently as possible. Also, please be careful to check the details as manufacturers change hot tub filters and connection fittings regularly.

In any doubt, please call our Hot Tub Filter Hotline on 01329 832294. Lets see if we can save you money on hot tub filters and hot tub filter cleaning.

Visit our hot tub filter cleaning supplies store.Visit our hot tub filter cleaning supplies store.
Visit our hot tub filter cleaning supplies store.