Robotic pool cleaner - Get a robot to clean the pool

Are you looking for a robotic pool cleaner? As enjoyable as it is cleaning the pool on a sunny day, it can be quite time consuming. And costly too if you are paying someone to do it. But if you get a robot to clean the pool it can cut the time considerably.

Using a robot for pool cleaning

If you use robot for a pool cleaner you can spend more time enjoying the pool and less time maintaining it. Using a robot for pool cleaning can cut time spent by upwards of 95%. Netting out debris by hand is tricky and you will complete many laps covering the same area, collecting the tiny particles you missed. Take the work out of it with an automatic pool cleaning robot.

How do automatic pool cleaning robots work?

There are various types of robot pool vacuums, but the most commonly used automatic pool cleaners work being connected to the pool outlet and using your swimming pool pump to propel itself around the pool. Some are more random than others, but the general idea is that you can leave them running when the pool is not in use and the pool cover is on. Magically a fairly mucky pool will be restored to a probable perfect within hours.

Comparing automatic pool cleaning robots.

Beyond the random models there are some that intelligently map out the pool as they work to become more efficient over time. And there are some models that will work up the walls as well as taking care of the bottom. With so much variation it’s best to look for some options within your price range and compare the product details regarding features and capabilities.

In-ground and Above ground automatic pool cleaners

Getting the pool robot used to be something restricted to the fanciest and most expensive of pool. But there are now plenty of affordable above ground automatic pool cleaners available. With models from both Intex and Hayward, we can provide a model suitable for any pool. Check out the manuals below for operating instructions and safety information:

Intex ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner Manual

Hayward Magic Clean Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner Manual

Tips for using robotic pool cleaners

There are some basic tips for using a robotic pool cleaner. Mostly these revolve around maximising the water flow and reducing the difficulty of the task to a minimum to maximise the efficiency of the robot.

  • Always remember to try to net out the worst of any debris.
  • Always use a leaf canister between the pool robot vacuum and the outlet.
  • Remove existing debris from leaf canister, skimmer basket, and pool pump basket.
  • Always check nothing is clogged from previous use.
  • Remove any small sunken pool toys that could get stuck in the robot and potentially damage it as well as stop it functioning.