Aquablanc Active Oxygen Sanitiser for Pools & Hot Tubs

Aquablanc Active Oxygen is a pure and gentle alternative to Chlorine or Bromine sanitisers. Aquablanc is growing in popularity due to the odourless nature when compared to normal sanitisers.  Please scroll down to purchase Aquablanc, or read about the following products:

Aquablanc Combi Tablets - Combi Tablets are an Active Oxygen product for use in domestic or private pools. They compromise of a 200g oxygen tablet, usually applied via a floating dispenser, and an 100g Algaecide Tablet, usually dosed via a skimmer basket. Combi Tablets are a great way of disinfecting your pool water, preventing algae growth and keeping your pool crystal clear.

Aquablanc 02 Gentle
 - Aquablanc 02 Gentle is a fantastic new chlorine free system for maintaining crystal clear & bacteria free swimming pool water. Supplied in a convenient twin sachet application system, 02 Gentle provides water that is kinder to your skin, eyes & hair.

Aquablanc Oxygen Liquid with algaecide - Aquablanc Oxygen Liquid with algaecide provides a fantastic soft and gentle alternative to chlorine or bromine. Dosed in conjunction with a Blue Horizons non chlorine automatic controller, this product contains no chlorine and is taken directly from the supply container via a dosing pump on the Blue Horizons unit.

Aquablanc pH Minus liquid - Aquablanc pH Minus Liquid is applied in conjuction with the aquablanc non-chlorine system. A sulphuric acid based product that lowers the pH of your pool water.The product is taken directly from the supply container via the acid pump on the Blue Horizons unit.

Aquablanc Active Oxygen Liquid (for shock treatment) - Aquablanc Active Oxygen Liquid is a non chlorine shock product that should be applied when the pool water has been subjected to heavy bathing loads.

Aquablanc Test Strips - Testing strips used to test levels of Aquablanc O2 Tablets and Combi Tablets along with pH levels.

Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips - Testing strips for liquid Aquablanc peroxide based systems such as Blue Horizon Non chlorine controllers they also measure pH.

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