What Hot Tub Chemicals Do I Need? Easy Guide for Safe & Healthy Bathing

It’s not easy when you are adding chemicals to the hot tub for the first time. When asking which hot tub chemicals are best, or how much chlorine to add to hot tub for the first time, owners quickly become confused with very specific instructions on packaging that speaks in terms of adding grams per litre. This descends in to further questions and calculations, such as what is the water capacity volume of the hot tub.

But before you get this far you will need to know what hot tub chemicals you need. 

Hot Tub Chemicals Guide - Easy Instructions for New Owners.

In this guide we will give you some basic hot tub chemicals instructions. First instruction is, don't be scared! It's not rocket science and with some simple tips and basic practices you can stay safe and learn how to keep your hot tub crystal clear.

Hot Tub Chemicals Start Up

A great place to start is with a hot tub chemicals kit, which will contain everything you need to get started. Hence why they are often referred to as hot tub chemicals starter kits.

Hot tub Chemicals - What do I need?

Here is a list of what chemicals are needed for a hot tub:

  • Hot tub Sanitiser - Such as chlorine, bromine or active oxygen. Some hot tubs even run on salt. Most people use hot tub chlorine. However, O-Care is also becoming popular with their more natural system that requires less chlorine. Which hot tub chemicals are best is largely down to personal choice. Read our Hot Tub Bromine Guide if you're considering it.

  • Hot tub Shock - Shock is like sanitiser, but it’s designed to not ‘hang about’ which enables you to super-dose the hot tub to unsafe levels, and use your tub again sooner when they dissipate. It’s used as a weekly boost or as a problem solver when water becomes murky.

  • Hot Tub Test strips - When using any sanitiser you will need to ensure you have the corresponding test strips. So for chlorine users, invest in some chlorine test strips. We recommend AquaChek for both chlorine and bromine.

We also advise purchasing the following hot tub specialty chemicals:

  • Foam Control - Sometimes you can prolong the need to change the water completely with a little foam control. Foaming in the hot tub can be unenjoyable for bathers, and a tiny drop will result in floating surface bubbles just disappearing before your eyes. Magical stuff!

  • Hot tub Clarifier - Every hot tub can suffer from cloudy water on occasion. Sometimes, ultra fine particles held in suspension annoyingly pass straight through filters and back in to the tub. A good hot tub clarifier will assist your filters and restore your hot tub back to a crystal clear state.

It is advisable to manage the pH levels of your water. Luckily, hot tub ph balancers are very cheap hot tub chemicals. You can do this using your test strips and the following:

  • pH Increaser

  • pH Reducer

One additional chemical you will surely need, is for when it’s time to drain down the hot tub and change the water. Before you do this it is advised that you perform a ‘deep clean’ with a Hot Tub Flush product.

How to use hot tub chemicals - Step by step instructions

Now that you know what hot tub chemicals you need, you need to learn how to maintain a hot tub.

Adding hot tub chemicals - First time.

Here are some simple steps to follow when adding hot tub chemicals for the first time.

  1. Fill you hot tub with water!

  2. Use a test strip to check the pH level

  3. Adjust the pH level to neutral 7.2-7.4. (That’s orange on the strip).

    If your test strip is red (high pH level) then pre-dissolve 10g of pH Reducer and add to the spa with the air turned on.

    If your test strips is yellow (low pH level) then pre-dissolve 10g of pH Increaser and add it the spa with the air turned on.

  4. Then pre-dissolve 20g of stabilised chlorine granules and add it to the hot tub with the air turned on.

  5. Leave the air on bubbling and the lid open for 10-15 minutes to allow a good distribution of the chemicals and the majority of gases to escape.

  6. Allow at least an hour before using the spa. And always test before getting in.

Here are some important hot tub chemicals safety tips:

  • ALWAYS test your pH and Chlorine levels at regular intervals. Test before you get in. Dose when you get out.

  • ALWAYS pre-dissolve chemicals before adding to your hot tub

  • ALWAYS leave the lid open to all gases to escape and avoid corroding or rotting the cover over time.

  • ALWAYS clean or replace your filter periodically.

  • NEVER mix chemicals together when adding to your spa

  • NEVER use any chemicals or cleaning agents not recommended by a professional. Some combinations will cause dangerous reactions.

Questions? Call our hot tub chemicals UK help line on 01329 832294

How to keep hot tub water clear

Regular maintenance is vital. If you ignore your hot tub, the water will quickly turn green or cloudy as a result of sanitiser levels dropping too low to prevent bacteria growth. But this isn’t a problem for most, as generally owners will check the water when they use the spa. So the problem is only apparent when you are not using your hot tub often enough!

We’ll say it again: Test before you get in. Dose when you get out. Use your tub every 1 to 3 days and you’ll avoid most problems.

However, if you do get cloudy water or green water, it’s time to use your hot tub shock and your hot tub clarifier as indicated on the packaging. After the water clarity is restored, always give your filters a quick rinse.

In summary, use your spa regularly, maintain the proper levels for your pH and your sanitiser, and apply weekly doses of shock, or as and when needed along side your clarifier.

How to change hot tub water

It is advised to change your water regardless every 3-4 months. Eventually there just becomes too much material in the plumbing that can not be removed with standard day to day chemicals.

When changing the water, always do a Hot tub Flush deep clean. The advised dose is added directly to the water. It’s important not to use the spa at this time. Hot tub Flush is basically sulphuric acid! This will clean all the pipes and plumbing from any oils or soaps and other non-organic compounds. The hot tub is then drained and refilled, sparkling fresh.

How to clean hot tub filters and when to replace them?

Depending on your model of spa, the quality of the filters will vary dramatically. Some of the cheapest models on the market advise changing their tiny filters every two weeks! However, will quality filters or upgraded filter cartridges, they can last much long. Our hot tub filters are guaranteed to last for up to a year. But if you clean hot tub filters, they can last much longer than that. Here are some simple tips:

  1. Invest in a bucket, large enough to contain one set of filters.

  2. Invest in a spare set. You can leave one set soaking in a bucket while the other set replaces them in the spa. So you don’t have to stop using the spa or worry about anything getting sucked in to your pump.

  3. Use a spa cartridge filter cleaner product to help degrease the cartridges whilst soaking in your bucket. Allow to soak for 12-24 hours.

  4. Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose. Consider investing in a hot tub filter cleaning brush accessory that will connect directly to your garden hose. This makes cleaning in between all the folded pleats of the filter much easier.

  5. Allow the filters to completely dry out before replacing them in the hot tub.

Conclusion: What hot tub chemicals are needed for easy hot tub maintenance

So that’s it. With a few chemicals, regular testing and dosing, and periodic deep cleaning and filter cleaning you can become a master of hot tub chemicals and maintenance.

If you have found this guide useful, please consider trying out our hot tub supplies store where you can find all the hot tub chemicals and hot tub filters you could possibly need. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

All the hot tub chemicals and supplies you could possibly need. Call for assistance 01329 832294All the hot tub chemicals and supplies you could possibly need. Call for assistance 01329 832294
Where to buy hot tub chemicals? All the hot tub chemicals and supplies you could possibly need. Call for assistance 01329 832294 or buy hot tub chemicals online
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