O-Care - Weekly Spa Water Care Kit

  • Soft and odourless water with less use of chemicals.
  • 24h-7 protection against sediment build-up.
  • Decreased component wear.
  • Simple to use and balance.
  • Natural and ecological hot tub conditioner.
O-Care weekly spa care kit - a mixture of high-quality mineral salts for an easier water maintenance and a more enjoyable spa experience.
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The best solution for making the spa water maintenance a lot easier. Simple to use and balance for natural, softer and crystal clear spa water, while using less chemicals. O-Care is not a disinfectant and therefore you need additional disinfection with chemicals such as chlorine or bromine. It can reduce the amount of Chlorine and Bromine needed with up to 78%, making the water safer to use for children or for with sensitive skin types. The mixture of high-quality mineral salts makes O-Care natural and ecological. Your skin feeling soft and odourless with no need to shower after bathing. It will reinforce the water’s own properties removing and preventing biofilm build-up. Will remove sediment nutrients to prevent internal contamination. Always clean your filter on a weekly basis as filtration accounts for 50% of the water sanitation. Because O-Care takes out the sediment nutrients your filters can get even more saturated. Filters will be easier to clean and the pipework will be protected. Will increase the lifespan of the main components such as pumps heaters, ozonators, jets or blowers. O-Care will not change the water balance. This kit contains 2 bottles (2 liters / 68oz each) and will last 3 to 5 months used weekly, depending on the volume of your hot tub or swim spa. Please refer to the label on all packaging for safe use. Manufactured in Holland. For every box of O-Care you buy $2 are donated to water.org. Water.org is an organisation that is solving the water crises.
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DeliveryNext working day - Mainland UK only (if order placed before 2PM Monday to Friday)
Barcode Number (GTIN)605380869744
Used InHot Tubs (Hard Shell)
Used ForBiofilm, Weekly Boost to Sanitisation
Instructions for usePlease refer to the label on all packaging for safe use.
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