Blue Horizons Chlorine Reducer (1 kg)

  • Blue Horizons Chlorine Reducer (1 kg).
  • Formulated to lower bromine or chlorine levels in pool water.
  • Use as a problem solver or in after shock water treatments.
If you have dosed too much chlorine and do not wish to wait for levels to come back down to a safe zone, or dilute the water, you can use Blue Horizons Chlorine Reducer (1 kg).
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Blue Horizons Chlorine Reducer is formulated to lower bromine or chlorine levels in pool water after shock treatment procedures or if the pool chlorine or bromine levels are too high.
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BrandBlue Horizons
Used InHot Tubs (Hard Shell), Hot Tubs (Vinyl), Small Pools, Large Pools
Instructions for use1. Pre-dissolve the product in a clean plastic container at a maximum rate of 100 g of product per 2.2 gallons (10 litres) of clean warm water. Stir well to ensure product is fully dissolved. Carefully add the resulting solution to the pool whilst the pump(s) are turned “on”, preferably near to the water inlets to aid distribution. 2. If applying after shock treatment, allow a minimum of 8 hours for shock chlorination to oxidise bather wastes from water before application. 3. Measure the free chlorine/total bromine level in the water, then using the dosing table below, calculate the total amount required. 4. Split this total amount into 4 smaller doses. Apply each smaller dose, allowing time to thoroughly circulate (2-3 hours for commercial pools/6-8 hours for domestic pools) before re- testing chlorine/bromine level and if necessary adding further doses. Dose rates: To lower chlorine by: 1 mg/l add 23 g to 4,545 litres (1,000 gallons) of water, 2 mg/l add 46 g to 4,545 litres (1,000 gallons) of water, 5 mg/l add 114 g to 4,545 litres (1,000 gallons) of water. ALWAYS ADD CHEMICALS TO WATER & NOT WATER TO CHEMICALS. NEVER MIX CHEMICALS.
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