Fibreglass Pool Colorado 26'2" x 12'4" Complete Kit (Pastel Colour)

  • One-piece-pool fibreglass laminate with steps for easy access and sitting.
  • Size: 26'2"L x 12'4"W x 4'11"'D (8m L x 3.75m W x 1.5m D).
  • DIY pool set with professional equipment for filtration, heating and lighting included.
  • No risk of leakage. Great resistance to freezing weather, UV and long term  chlorine usage.
  • Long lifetime, high energy efficiency and easy maintenance.
Fibreglass Pool 26'2" L x 12'4" W x 4'11" D (8m x 3.75m x 1.5m) rectangular shape, with smooth surface, UV and chlorine resistant, available in blue, white or cream shell colour. Exceptional durability & construction and easy installation. The Professional Pool Equipment Kit included covers filtration, heating and lighting. Perfect in ground pool to enjoy and rely upon for many years. Delivery to site included (lifting gear not provided).
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Preformed in-ground swimming pool made of durable glass fibre laminate, with a special TÜV approved gel-coat which creates a glossy surface layer, particularly resistant to a long term use of chlorine, as well as UV radiation and changes in temperature.  One-piece-pool design with smooth surface, no risk of leakage and perfect resistance to freezing weather.  Exceptional strong construction.  The construction of each pool is additionally strengthened with metal, which gives the pool a rigid shell and insulated with a polyurethane foam to prevent heat loss.  An extra layer of honeycomb insulation is placed underneath the pool for added protection. Professional pool equipment kit included: 2 x Hayward LED pool lights 12v AC white Par 56 - 17W, 1 x Transformer 12v AC 2 x 50w, 1 x Hayward connector box for light, 2 x Hayward 22mm nozzle outlet, 1 x Mega Skimmer 1.5" female thread, 1 x adaptor for skimmer, 1 x Saci Optima 0.75hp pump, 1 x Mega V500 21" top mount sand filter, 4 x 25kg Filter sand 0.4-0.8mm, 1 x Hydro-Pro Black ABS heat pump Type P12, 1 x Bypass kit, 2 x Hayward inlet fittings, 2 x Hayward inlet safety grill (please note that PVC pipe & fittings, flexi hose etc are not included in the pool kit as each pool requirements differ).  Easy to maintain and assembly DIY pool set (a hole with a 10cm / 4" thick concrete floor with re-enforcement and about 1m (3ft) larger than the pool needs to be prepared prior to installation; please ensure equal pressure when filling with concrete: The pool will be filled a 3rd  high with water and then you will backfill concrete to the same  level. This process is important to ensure equal pressure in and out of  the pool.  Once the concrete has dried, you will add more water and  backfill more concrete. You will repeat this process until complete).  With 4 steps for easy access and sitting in the pool. Available shell colours: blue, white. Rectangular shape. Size: Length 26 ft 2 inches (8m), Width 12 ft 4 inches (3.75m), Depth 4 ft 11 inches (1.5m ). Water capacity: 46,000 litres (10,119 gallons). Manufactured in Europe. Warranty: Colour 2 years Colour, 5 years Osmosis, 10 years Construction. PLEASE NOTE: Price includes curbside delivery. Lifting gear not provided.
More Information
Barcode Number (GTIN)None
Pool ShapeRectangular
Installed HowFully In Ground
Pool Wall TypeFibreglass
Pool Wall Details10 layers: Gel coat resistant to UV radiation and chemicals, Double anti-osmosis layer (Barrier coat, Skin coat), Vinylester resin + glass fibre mat 300 gr / m2, Vinylester resin + double layer of glass fibre mat 450 gr / m2, Woven roving, Vinylester resin + triple layer of glass fibre mat 600 gr / m2, Metal reinforcement with double layer of polyester resin and glass fibre, Top coat, Polyurethane foam (*Optional 40mm foam insulation layer available).
Length26 ft 2 inches / 8.00 m
Width12 ft 4 inches / 3.75 m
Depth59" / 1.50 m
Capacity10,119 gal / 46,000 L
Filtration & Pump TypeMega V500 21" top mount sand filter
Skimmer IncludedMega Skimmer 1.5" female thread
Steps / Ladder4 Steps
Assembly Instructions1. Prior to assembly, choose a location and dig a hole whose volume is a little larger than the size of the pool. 2. Prepare a concrete cast mix. Pour a cement and sand mixture about 10cm / 4” thick, or the cast, onto the bottom of the hole, then level the bottom. Sprinkle everything with water. 3. See the  Cross-section measurements of the pool (product photos) to help you determine the size of the hole and amount of concrete cast. 4. Pour water into the pool up to the level of about 20cm / 8”. 5. Pour the cement and sand mix around the sides of the pool till the water and mix levels are the same. Pour water onto the mix so that the mix ideally adjusts to the pool shape. 6. Pour an additional 20 cm / 8” of water into the pool. 7 Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the pool is filled. It is best to fit the filter near the pool, in a well below the skimmer level. Before winter, leave the water level below nozzles so that no water remains in the filtration system. It is not recommended to empty the pool of water completely for winter. Warning: do not fill a pool standing free on the ground as water pressure against the pool walls may cause the frame to burst; before winter, leave water in the pool below where the nozzles are mounted. The seller is not liable for mechanical damage arising from improper operation of the pool. *Note: Additional pipes and fittings might be required depending on the pool location.
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