Special Offer - Intex Pool Eco-Friendly Solar Heating Mat - BUNDLE (Box of 3)

  • 3 x Pool Solar Heating Mat suited for above ground pools.
  • Size 47" x 47" (120cm x 120cm) each.
  • Simple to hook-up, easy to drain, easy to store.
  • Designed to work with a variety of Intex filter pumps.
  • Environmentally friendly solar heating technology.

Special Offer - Bundle - Box of 3 - Intex 28685 Pool Solar Heating Mat is an eco-friendly pool water heater for above ground swimming pools up to 30,280 litres (6,600 gal) capacity. An energy efficient way to increase the swimming sessions with warmer water. Please note: Maximum quantity per order is 4.

Tip: To get the maximum heat out of the mat, just crack the valve open slightly (not full on) so there is just a slow trickle through the mat. This gives the water a greater chance of warming up before entering back in to the flow at the end of the mat. If you have the valves fully open the water will pass through the mat much faster and not gain much heat. Also it will put maximum pressure on the micro pipe running around the mat which can contribute to blowing the mat.


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Intex Pool Solar Mat is a swimming pool heating system that uses environmentally friendly solar energy to heat up above ground swimming pools. Can increase the water temperature with approximately 3-5 Celsius degrees (PLEASE NOTE: Heating performance varies depending on weather and ambient conditions. Works only if it is sunshine, will perform best in the summer months. Most of the heat is lost at night time, so using a pool solar cover will help reducing the heat loss). Easy to drain, easy to store. Simple hook up, compatible with filter pump water flow rate less than 5,678 litres / hour (1,249 gallons / 1,500 US gallons - see table below), for pumps with higher flow rate, an additional bypass system can be used to reduce the flow (not included). 3 x 1 square meters (11 square feet) surface to absorb the sun's rays. Constructed of heavy duty UV stabilized PVC. Suitable for above ground pools up to 6,600 gallons 8,000 US gallons (30,280 litres). Dimensions 1 pcs flat, before fill 47" x 47" (120cm x 120cm). Includes 3 x 1.25" (32mm) hose attachment points, 3 x adaptor A and B for 1.5" (38mm) hose connection, 3 x 0.5m (1.25"/32mm diameter) connecting hose, 3 x Bypass valve, 15 x hose clamp. Box of three solar mats.



Filter Pump flow rate Solar Mat (max pieces)
US Gals / h Gals / L / h
330 275 gal /  1,250 L 1 - 2 
530 441 gal / 2,006 L 2 - 4
1,000 832 gal / 3,785 L 3 - 5
1,500 1,249 gal / 5,678 L 4 - 6
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