Intex 2,650 gal/h Sand filter Pump and 11 g/h Saltwater Sanitisation System E.C.O. for pools up to 12,494 gal

  • Pool Eco-Friendly Sand Filter Pump and Saltwater System for a crystal clear water.
  • Smart touch control panel.
  • 2 systems in one product.
  • 24 hour auto timer.
  • Chlorine output: 7 gram/hour.

Intex model 26680 Environmentally friendly Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump and Saltwater Sanitisation System QX2600 with 24 hours auto-clock cycle, sand filter tank diameter 16” (410mm), pump flow rate, 2,207 gal / 10,031 L / h  (2,650 US gal / h), system chlorine output 11 g / h,  suited for pools up to 12,494 gallons / 56,800 litres (15,000 US gallons) capacity. Manufactured with UK 3-pin plug.

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A combination of filtration and sanitation system Intex Pool Sand Filter Pump and Saltwater System QX2600. Cost effective and with easy maintenance, as sand needs to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. With 24 hours auto-clock cycle. Eco-friendly pool water sanitisation system which combines a unique two-stage technology to sanitise the pool water. First, an undetectable level of natural swimmer-safe chlorine is produced when environmentally friendly natural salt is added to the pool water and passes trough a titanium electrolytic cell during the filtration process, resulting a soft, fresh, clean water with no harsh side effects. Second, with the E.C.O. (electrocatalytic oxidation) process, water molecules are split into highly powerful oxidants which destroy organic contaminants such as bacteria and algae. The combination of these powerful oxidants with natural chlorine results in the strongest and safest pool water sanitisation. The ECO process unique to Intex, is so effective that reduces the amount of chlorine needed to be generated by the saltwater system with approximately 60%. Hydro aeration technology: improved circulation and filtration, improved water clarity and increased negative ions at the water surface. Suitable for pools up to 24' (7.32m) diameter or 32' x 16' (9.75m x 4.88m). Maximum pool capacity 12,494 gallons / 56,800 L (15,000 US gal). Sand filter tank diameter: 16" (410mm). 0.75hp motor. Pump flow rate: 2,206 gallons / 10 m3 per hour (10,031 L / 2,650 US gph). System flow rate: 1,790 gallons / 8.0 m3 per hour (2,150 US gph). Tank capacity: 120 lb (55 kg) sand or 85 lb (32 kg) glass filtration media. Chlorine output: 11g / h. Includes 2 pieces of 1.5" (38mm) hoses. Smart touch control panel with display and easy access buttons, power button. 2-year warranty. Model: ECO20220-2/ECO20230-2 . Power: 220-240 Volt AC.

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